Our Story

Eso – is a root word derived from Greek Origin that translates –

‘from Within’ or deeper knowledge

Eso Torra Indesigns is an interior design and architecture firm specializing in contemporary and modern designs that are globally influenced. We comprise of an International team of experts with over 20 years of experience in transforming dreams into reality through creativity. Eso Torra has built a reputation for delivering maximum satisfaction to international clientele in all its portfolios.

Started back in 1996 by our founder Radhika Raj, when there were many efforts to overcome freneticism that existed in the 80’s, Eso Torra Indesigns was modestly established as Kastle Kreations Pte. Ltd. in 1996 which was further re-branded as Sphere Concept Pte. Ltd. in 2012 with our matchless ideologies and thought processes, people from all over the world reached us to go through the beautiful transitions that we offered. Asia, Europe and The US were among the first few places where we initiated change and went beyond our jobs to reach local artisans to craft the perfect dream space for our clients.

After introducing space harmonics and space psychology, here we are with Radhika’s new design boutique – Eso Torra. Headquartered in Singapore, Eso Torra’s recognition has travelled beyond Singapore’s shores to Guam, United States, Hong Kong and Philippines, India and continues to expand globally.

Each design is based on the individuality of the client and their mind-set. For, Radhika Raj, the concept of space comes from deeper knowledge of harmonics and space psychology through which she can deliver the “feel good” with the “look good” element in her designs and adding perfection to the space in sync with the occupant’s persona. This helps promote creativity and productivity through its stress-free vibe.

Supported by an underlying thread of sustainable quality, Eso Torra ensures that your greatest investment is also your greatest source of comfort, pride and self-expression.

Some of our work has been featured