Design Philosophy

Our focus lies on ‘Esoteric’ designs – we dive deeper to the soul of the subjective outcomes.

Thus, Eso Torra implies the soul-spirit of design – and that is what ESO TORRA INDESIGNS is all about.

We create designs which are inspired by the energy and personality of the client and the space itself. The only purpose behind doing so is to form a genuine connection between the space energy and the client through the medium of design. When it comes to design, we use the concept of ‘DESIGNERGY’, the combination of energy & synergy. We strive for the perfect sync and balance that will fill the gap in spaces, wherever necessary.

“At Eso Torra Indesigns – I create with DESIGNERGY – where designs are inspired by the energy of the client, the space itself and the need to enhance it… almost like an inner process, by connecting the art to creative applications.”

– Radhika Raj, Founder

Unique Design Experience

World Design Palette

Seeking designs that aren’t limited to horizons or a single style. Our details are inspired from our clients’ vision of a perfect space. We aim to make our clients feel beyond content; even if it means crossing oceans to get the perfect piece of décor for them. We create aesthetics by using design concepts from cultures across the world and use material that proves to add not only style but also utility to the space.

Evo Design

Creating timeless designs. Every design we set is voguish and exclusive in its own distinctive manner. We aspire to create idiomatic conceptual designs that outlives one’s legacy and are not time bounded.

Space Psychology

Attending to every aspect of the client’s personality and attributes, we bring in the essence of Space Psychology to make sure that the space shadows the client’s personality. It is made sure that every element is evenly spaced out resonating positivity in different areas, using space harmonics.